Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Start

Today I am going to learn to blog. I have enjoyed others and thought I would like to share things I have enjoyed in my life as a homemaker. I have had many jobs and therefore might mention a few as time goes by.

I am LDS (Mormon) and enjoy it thoroughly, it keeps me busy and on my toes. If you are interested on what we believe in, go to .

My joy is baking. I chose "Domesticated Engineer" as my blog name because there are too many things I like to do at home. I go in spurts. Sometimes, I really enjoy baking, other times I read or scrapbook or sew or knit, etc. I also enjoy learning other activities.

I am on Facebook and belong to a group with others who share their recipes. But I have found out it is kinda of hard to put a picture with what I cook, so will try blogging.

Here goes!