Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Daughters' Wedding

Haven't taken a chance to write about my daughters wedding. It's almost two months now. I don't write much, because I don't know how to express my feelings well. But here goes.

It was beautiful!!! A nice day and we didn't see any rain until we were almost home.

In our church we are sealed for time and eternity, so we go to our temples and have the ceremony there. Very special, very sacred, very peaceful. It is just a special feeling inside, not that all marriage ceremonies are not special and beautiful, they are. I love how you know that you are seal to your spouse always, and because of this sacredness, you strive hard to stay married and work on your relationship with your spouse. In the ceremony Michelle cried tears of happiness and we all felt the spirit there. She is a good example to her nephews and nieces and cousins.

The reception was at our church building and the lady who was in charge of decoration did a fabulous job! It was magical and beautiful!!!! Words cannot describe it all, so hopefully the pictures will.

As I drove to my house to finish and pick up the cake, I started to panic. It was hot and steamy out side and I was worried the frosting on the cake would melt. So we packed each tier carefully and away we went. Whenever I make wedding cakes I finished them at the reception, in case the decorations fall from the driving. Well we didn’t get home early enough from the wedding ceremony, so I was rushed and got to the church as the reception was starting. A few people suggested to hurry up and get in the reception line as the mother-of-the bride should do. But how do you hurry the decorations on the cake. I did my best and one of the corners of the bottom tier fell off, so I had to ‘glue’ it back together with more frosting and toothpicks. Any way for all that panic, Michelle thought the cake looked great!

At the reception there were lots of guests and things went well. She looked lovely and we all liked the tux, Alex chose to wear. They both are a good looking couple and are very happy.

It was sad to see them leave for their honeymoon, as I realized I won’t see her everyday, anymore. She now has her own life to live. So to me it is a happy day and a sad day. I hope and pray the best for them and that they will strive to live a great married life!

(By the way, no one ate the toothpicks, as luckily it was the last piece of cake to be cut.)

I want to thank all who helped by taking these pictures: Sarah, Julie, Joey, Cynthia, and Seth. (I also took some.)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Berry Crumble Cake

Made this a couple of weeks ago and forgot to put in on my blog. Didn't have plums right away, so made the 'Plum Crumble Cake' with berries. Oh my gosh! Delicious!!! Thanks for your recipe. Only difference is that I used 1 cup blueberries and 1 cup raspberries! Can't wait to try with the plums. I enjoyed how you tasted a coffee cake, yet the crispy bread crust.
What mixture of the two! We really enjoyed it, for the recipe go to:
Very easy to make, hope all of you try it!