Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still here....

I know I haven't written for awhile, but nothing new is happening here. 
I have been doing a lot of family history searching and am pleased with what is out there.
So many people are doing their families, it is so cool! I love finding my family and putting a name to a date into time periods of history.
Have you ever put a name and birthdate of a family member on google.com and see what comes up? It's great, especially if they are born before 1890. Most names that I have done have had some sort of story online. Thanks to all my unknown ancestors out there doing the work, you are great and I love the stories and pictures.
One distant cousin that I met online had a picture of my parents when they were first married and he didn't know who they were. What a surprise to both of us, as I was thrill to print off that picture and he got to know me and my parents!
If you have family pictures without names, please put them on a picture site as deadfred.com or ancestry.com or many other picture sites. Some will see it and let you know who it is. There is a group on facebook called: "Genealogy Photos" where you can also put unknown pictures.
On most of my family lines, that I have been working on have at least 14-15 generations back!
Here is the famous picture of my parents, that might of been lost if I didn't email my cousin and find out if we were related or not.

What a treasure! Aren't they cute? 
Great Aunt Iza, my dad (Glenn Utterback), my mom (Emma Armstrong Utterback), 
Great Aunt Iola and my grandfather (William Everett Utterback).  Iza and Iola came down to visit their brother, my grandfather. The picture is taken at the house of my parents around 1950, where I lived until 8 years old.


Kim said...

Your post has re-kindled my interest in doing a little family history...thanks.

Stephanie Headley said...

Well, I need to get started, because you have an Armstrong. I have some Armstrongs in my family! I wonder.....!