Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Treasure

Here is an article about my father- Glenn Utterback. I was excitied to find it among the recipes from my mother's recipe file box. What a treasure to me!
I received this box yesterday from my sister and read every recipe in it. It makes me remember all the times my mom baked from these special recipes during the holiday seasons. I will be adding the recipes to the group, 'My Best Recipes" on facebook.
Back to the article, it says: "Glenn Utterback, who will soon be resigning as Cubmaster of Santa Fe Springs Pack 553-C, due to a job transfer to the Azusa area, was given an appreciation party at the home of the Hugh Hartleys at .... L...... Ave, Friday evening. Over two dozen adult leaders and parents of the pack were in attendance and Utterback was presented a plaque from the pack attesting to his popularity during the time he served as Cubmaster as well as in other roles during the life of the pack. He was also presented a wrist watch by interested parents who wished to show him their personal appreciation for the time he'd given the Cub Scouts.
His wife, Emma, who has served as den mother of the Den 2 for the past two years also received a gift."
I am so glad to have found this and remind me of my father as a Cubmaster, it is nice to know that others cared for my parents. We moved to Azusa back in 1959, so this article is from that time period. I can remember when we put on a little skit that was done as a small movie. It was in the backyard of our house and my mother painted on huge cardboards the scene of a western general store, the cub scouts all had parts and even I got to be in it. Everywhere my older brother went as a scout, I got to tag along. Sometimes I wonder if he minded me being active in his scouting program. That was a time when I liked being the younger sister.
Anyway, my father and mother were both active in the scouting programs for both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. I am hoping some of the pictures show up of these scouting days.

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Jamie said...

I love this! First, how lucky to have that recipe file! I'll bet there is some great stuff in there. And to find an article like this is wonderful and I your memories made me smile. Especially about tagging along behind big brother!