Thursday, January 15, 2009

My friend Anne

We met Anne in Houston, when we lived there during 1972-1975. She and her husband, Bill invited us for dinner before we went and saw the last concert that Sonny and Cher put on. There were 3 couples and Anne only had a 1 pound roast for all of us. She was newly married and forgot that others were coming. She mention that she had another roast in the freezer, so I asked if she had a pressure cooker and I would get started. She did, it was still in the box as a wedding gift. We took it out and I went to work. (No microwaves then, unless one was rich enough to have one.) She peeled extra potatoes and within an hour a dinner was served to all! We enjoyed it and were quite full before we went to the concert. It was a great night! And yes, I was a little surprised by some of the costumes. There was a mini rodeo in between breaks. I can remember Cher wearing this Indian costume with a very long feather headpiece. The concert was at the Astro Dome. Many good memories from Houston!

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