Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Riggs side of Family

Here is a couple of pictures of my great-grandfather and some of his children. Are any of you, Riggs? I am still working on this side of the family and am happy to say I have found many generations back. 
This picture is of William Emerson Riggs (great-grandfather), Denver (my uncle) and (Ted another uncle).
Denver's real name is William Denver Riggs born in 1896 and Ted's real name is Bernie Miller Riggs, born in 1904. 
I knew Uncle Denver and Uncle Ted as we had many family picnics together when I was little with my family. They are my grandmothers' brothers. We had such fun picnics at different parks throughout southern California.  The food, games and lots of visiting with relatives. 
I never got to meet my great-grandfather as he died before I was born. But his wife, Emma Elizabeth Dilbeck Riggs lived until my junior year in high school. I only saw pictures of her, as she lived in Oklahoma, and we didn't vacation there. 

The second picture is of my great-grandfather with more of his children. This picture must have been taken around 1909, as that is the year my grandmother was born, and that is her in the carriage or chair. Her name is Leona Catherine Riggs. I could guess on the others, but it would only be a guess. 

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