Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Wedding Cake

The last few days I have been busy making a wedding cake for a daughters friend.  I always make a small cake ahead for practice to make sure I have the decorations correct on how I want the cake to look, my family and neighbors love that part.
So, on Saturday the day of the wedding all was going well according to my time spent. Then about an hour before, my neighbor comes over and lets me know that my daughter has been in an accident. They (my daughter and her youngest son) were alright but wouldn't be able to help me transport the cake. Being the mom that I am, I had to stop and go see how bad this accident was. I find them not to far from home and thank goodness everything wasn't too bad. I took my grandson and went to pick up my granddaughter, as that is what my daughter was doing, and we went home and waited for my daughter. I had to call the groom and explain the wedding cake would be a  little late. I then called my younger daughter home from work. And when my oldest daughter arrived, the three of us departed with the cake. It was a good thing all 3 of us went as we had to do some stairs and I couldn't have done it that much by myself. There was also an elevator which we used, but still had a few stairs to go up and down.
Next as we were putting on the final flowers someone noticed I had misspelled the brides name wrong. Of course, I didn't bring that tube of coloring as I didn't think I would need it. 
Luckily my youngest daughter drove home and got there just before the ceremony started. You see with everything going on I didn't have time to change into my outfit I  was going to wear and didn't want to be seen by their guests.
So having all of that happen, here is a picture of the cake!


Jude said...

That's beautiful. What a nice thing to do for your daughter's friend :)

scraps said...

thank you, it was fun.

Elle said...

The cake looks beautiful! Love the use of the flowers...and glad everyone is OK after the accident.

scraps said...

Thanks,Elle. The groom told us they the cake was a big hit. Yeah!