Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wedding - Part 2


Well, tonight we set down and went over more things for the wedding. The main part was the budget. 

Tomorrow Michelle, a friend and I will be looking at more patterns to see what type of dress Michelle wants. Looking at many different types of invitations, wow are there a lot online!!!

She and Alex have decided on a lighter shade of periwinkle blue, silver and a little yellow for their colors.  They have found someone to help with the reception decorations, a photographer along with many friends taking pictures.  So much to do!

One thing I did ask this evening was if they have talked about their own budget after this wedding. Are they ready for rent, utilities, food, etc? Who is going to pay the bills, one of them of both together? They looked at each other and said they would sit down and discuss it.  Along with this they also are filling out scholarships for the fall semester. Should a parent worry or ever so slightly  remind them that a budget is a good thing?????

The one thing we did accomplish – there will be bridesmaids and groomsmen!

They did get engagement pictures done. Here is one of the engagement pictures. 



Elle said...

Sounds like your planning is going really well. I wish my daughter would use a budget but she is resistant. That's a cute photo of the engaged couple with their heads together.

scraps said...

They set down last evening and wrote down on paper a budget and are realizing that living cost! I think they were a little surprised at their budget. At least they are trying to create one. So far they have spent $25 for the photographer sitting fee. And my daughter has found a pattern and material for her dress. We are waiting for the pattern to go on sale.