Monday, March 9, 2009

A Wedding - part 1

Well, my youngest daughter is getting married in June! We will be busy, busy for the next few months. I am hoping I will find the time to do my other hobbies as this will now take over. Find a dress, baking the cake, getting the flowers, etc., etc. We are going to try and do a budget of less than $1000. I am sure we can do it, but my daughter has doubts and is worried.  I look at it as an adventure and a challenge!

First I made her a planning book, to help them know what to get when and how to budget. It turn out cute. She can add color schemes or anything she thinks needs to be added into it. There is a place for the flowers, music, program and hopefully everything one needs to have a perfect wedding. Mostly I made it so that nothing is overlooked.  By the way, it didn't cost me a thing as I had scrapbooking papers and the notebook, what a good deal!

We did go out looking for a dress, oh my! First, my daughter is having a time deciding what type of dress to get. She said she thinks she can afford up to $200. I figured if we sew it ourselves she should be able to make the dress for $100, depending on how much material and the trimmings. She is also finding it hard to find a modest dress, one with sleeves and no low cuts in front or bake.  We have friends who sew much better than I and have asked to help, what a blessing.

I have made a few wedding cakes and have found where the bargains are for the ingredients.

My oldest daughter is the person to do the flowers! She knows where to look and how to make beautiful bouquets.  

It will be quite interesting how all this falls into place, I think it will be quite elegant. I hope they will have a great day!

Here is a picture of the happy couple.




Aparna said...

Congratulations. That's really something to look forward to and a lot of planning and fun ahead.

scraps said...


Elle said...

Congrats on the exciting. I did my wedding all myself, including the dress and food and cake, etc. If you don't have too many attendants and best men, the flowers are easy to do yourself, too. It's fun to create your own special day with friends and family helping...makes it even more special.
The one area where it pays to have a professional is the photos, although you can work with the photographer to limit the numbers somewhat to cut costs...otherwise the photos can be very expensive.
They look very happy!

scraps said...

Thanks for your comments, will look into special shots of the wedding. Can't wait for the big day!!!