Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Easy Home-made Yogurt

These are the only two ingredients: Milk and Greek Plain Yogurt, that's it.

Follow your manufacture manuel for the yogurt maker.
Basically you take 1/2 gallon whole milk and heat it, until it reaches 180 degrees (F), 100C on the thermometer. Take it off the stove and let it cool down until 110 degrees (F), 40C. Put in it your yogurt maker and in about 2-3 hours it's done!! Wasn't that easy. This makes a creamy yogurt, nice and smooth.
This is the best yogurt that I have made and tasted thus far!!!  I do like the whole milk for yogurt verses 2% or powder milk. No culture packages to buy, they were getting too expensive for me and the yogurt isn't a bad price, about $1. The box of 3 packages are about $5! You use to get 5 packages to the box, then they went down to 4 packages and now 3 packages, all for the same price.  Also I wait for the milk to be on sale.

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