Saturday, February 19, 2011

Finally, I tried a Puff Pastry dough!

For years I have been chicken to try puff pastry. So I went to the local library and checked out for the 10th time or so and a CD, ‘Baking with Julia’. Julia kept talking about how the recipes were in her book: Baking with Julia. I realized I have that book, so I got it out and sure enough there were the recipes! Also went online realizing that I couldn’t buy the video. And there was the clip!!!
So I decided to finally get busy and try it.
Here is what I made:


The recipes are on pages 46-49 for the puff pastry. Pages 423-425 for the Tourte Milanese.
The only thing I would like to change is less butter in the puff pastry recipe, that will be another day.  
Enjoy, we sure did!

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