Friday, March 4, 2011

Shake and Eggs

Got up this morning thinking I would cook up some pancakes and then did a yogurt fruit shake and some of the salsa eggs. I like making all kinds for fruit shakes, some with fruit juices and fresh fruits, some with home-made yogurt and fruit. If I need to add a sweetener I usually use Agave Nectar. They are filling by themselves, but today I just felt like salsa eggs.  For salsa eggs, I had some home-made salsa, added the eggs, shredded carrot, red bell pepper, salt and pepper to taste.

Years back when I first lived in Glendora, CA my neighbors made these eggs. Rae and Linda lived in a duplex next to us. Rae was the mom and retired, lived in the front duplex.
Linda, a school teacher was the daughter lived in the back one.  Good neighbors. Anyway, Linda got me started making these type of eggs, back then it was made with cottage cheese, chilies, ketchup, tomato sauce, shredded carrots, cheddar cheese, green onions, salt, pepper, Lawrys seasoned salt. Sometimes, if I have all the ingredients, I still make them that way, just don't add the ketchup anymore. Also I don't add the cheese until nearly done cooking, this way they are not as watery. I suppose you can make them most anyway, as long as you use some sort of tomato, or salsa, or sauce. Add what fresh veggies you want and season to your taste. They are right filling!
Now back to Rae and Linda. They use to live in Whittier, but when Rae's husband died they had this duplex and decided to sell their home and move into the duplex. Linda still worked in the Whittier schools, until she retired. Linda married while in Glendora, but it didn't last too long. We were all good neighbors and really they became like family to me. Rae's sister and father were also living close by. Rae's father and mother were born in Italy, so Rae did a lot of Italian cooking. My oldest daughter and I can still remember the smell of garlic when we walked into Rae's home. They loved when Cynthia was born (1971) and enjoy seeing her every chance they got. It was interesting that after I had moved to TX and then back to CA, got divorced (now with two daughters) and found out that little duplex was for rent (1979).  So the girls and I move back there and lived there for six years. Fun times! If I find a picture of that place I will add it to this post.
Everytime I make salsa eggs, I have a good memory of my friends, Rae and Linda.

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