Monday, December 29, 2008

A Happy Christmas!

I love Christmas time, and all the excitement it can bring. It also can be too commercialized. This year I was wondering what could be done different. An idea came to me to recycle, so I came up with my own way of recycling what I had. I am not boasting or bragging I just wanted to see if I could do it. What a challenge! Started by thinking of what each family member wanted or needed then went to work on what I could give them, without them saying "oh I've seen this before" or "what is this?"

As I was contemplating, I came across some electrical goodies for one of my grandsons, he love them! Another was a special necklace for a daughter, which I had received from a special country. And so on down the line.

Here are a few pictures of happy people without expensive gifts and the joy of giving. What I didn’t expect was the gifts I received in return; they were all special to me. Some recycled some were not.  We all really had a nice Christmas, as I hope all of you did.

Here are some pictures of a happy family.

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