Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Today

It is snowing here in the mid-west and cold. I don't like to drive when it is like this as the cars slide. If you are from Los Angeles and come to the mid-west driving is different. You learn new things all the time. So, I visited a new web page today from a lady in Holland and her garden. It is much bigger than mine was and so I sat in my warm room and enjoyed her pictures. She grows lemon cucumbers, have you heard of them? Here is a link to her web page, if you are interested: http://members.lycos.nl/greenheavens/

I got her web address from one of the groups I enjoy through facebook. I belong to the sourdough, organic gardening, my best recipes and others. It is a continual learning of what others do in different parts of the world. For me, facebook, is a good way to share with my family, their pictures and everyday goings-0n.

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