Thursday, December 4, 2008

White Pumpkin Pie

I haven't blogged for awhile, as I don't know where to start. So here goes.....

I cooked up 3 white pumpkins last week and found out their meat was also white. (Most of the past white pumpkin I have bought has the orange meat inside and makes better pies, so I was surprised to find white meat.) I usually buy one white pumpkin and one orange. This year after Halloween the white was on sale for $1.10 each, so I got 2 along with the one I already had. I went online to see if the white meat was edible and found it was, so for Thanksgiving we had one white and one orange pumpkin pie. I froze the rest for later use. There so much to do with pumpkin that I thought I would spread it out over the year.

Here are the pictures of the two pies. Soren, my grandson, made the orange pie this year. He has helped to make pies the last couple of years. Since their was a little extra orange mixture, we decided to marble it into the white pie.

They both tasted great!

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