Thursday, December 4, 2008

A New Leftover

On Fri. night I took the leftover turkey and made my turkey enchiladas. Saturday night we pulled out everything and ate most of that. Thrus. night, their were 8 of us and on Fri., Sat. 10 of us, so there wasn't much after that to have as leftovers. But.....we did have left over sweet potatoes.

I make my sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving, with the potatoes and some apples with a little water and baked until tender. I don't do the added sugar or marshmallows anymore, as no ones eats them but me. So, I cook them for me. The marshmallow got eaten but not the potatoes. Anyway, I took the leftover and pureed them and looked up a recipe for sourdough biscuits and added the puree and now we have sweet potato biscuits. The kids love them! Yeah, now I don't have to eat the leftovers by myself. They went really well with some chile, I made up.

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