Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Need to catch up...

Haven't blogged in awhile. Things happen.
My neighbors had to put the dog to sleep, he was the best dog and we will miss him.
My best friends here in the mid-west had a major fire on their house, which also they lost their dog. But the damage was so bad, I am sure they will have to completely rebuild. This happened on Sunday evening, they were all at a church program and came home to find their on house on fire. On Monday a lot of people, (church friends, neighbors and city friends) were their to help pack up for later use. It was great to see all sorts of people their to help them. 
These are friends we have known since 1986 and seem to find each other when we have moved to differents places since then. It is weird that we both are here in the mid-west. I feel there loss.
We are busy with getting things ready for Christmas, as all of you are. 
So it might be awhile until I write, but wish all of you a Merry Christmas and great holiday season!
God Bless

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