Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Friends on a Date

My children have the best of friends. One couple went on a date night and delivered this cute little, well one long sunflower.  They rang the door bell and left, not knowing who did it.  On the flower was a card that read, "Uh oh!  It's not May Day but you've been mystery flowered anyway!  It's just our way of wishing you a blessed springtime season and a wondermous day!!!" (signed, Your mystery cheerbringers) 
Wasn't that a clever date???  We did find out who they were and told them such a cute idea.  
Earlier in the week I was helping a friend learn how to do some family history on the computer. She crochets, knitts and does beautiful quilts. As I was getting ready to go, she gave me a choice of trivets that she had crochet. We love our friends!!!
That is the picture of the flower and the lovely trivet, I think they go well together!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sister Staples! I just found your blog; Michelle told me about it yesterday and it's so cute! I love the colors and I love reading your posts!!! See you soon!!

-Casie J. :)