Monday, April 20, 2009


Still have a few of my magazine scraps here, so will try and condense down and share.

 Did you know that we are not supposed to “carry more than 15% of our weight for backpacks”?  So if a child is 100 pounds, they should not be carrying more than 15 pounds, including their backpack of books and papers goods? My college student’s bag is 30-50 pounds, depending on the books of the day, (weighting herself at 120 pounds). My son’s backpack was about 65 pounds heavy, when he was in high school. So does this mean that my children will have major back problems down the road? I hope not, as the chiropractors will love them as patients.


Here is one that makes sense----to help “get rid of belly fat, don’t just count calories, but walk at least 90 minutes per week to help cut down belly fat by one-fifth in five months.” (I should be able to do this, sounds simple..  So does this mean in 25 months, all the belly fat is gone? Boy, my stomach would sure love this. Plus I guess that would mean I need to walk every week to keep it off.)

On the same page of this article talks about ‘Eat Yourself Happy’:

“Complex carbs like spaghetti, cereal, rice and wholegrain bread improves anxiety, moodiness, anger, frustration. These foods help the brain make serotonin, an internal chemical that helps keep us clam.” (Yeah! I can eat more carbs!)

“Licorice sticks, Necco Wafers, marshmallows improve that “down in the dumps” feeling. These are simple sugars are digested quickly, releasing insulin, speeding up serotonin production and making you feel upbeat.” (I like marshmallows, hmm, might keep some of those handy in my purse! Make sure they are in a sealed bag as you wouldn’t want ants in your purse.)

“Salmon, cottage cheese, low-fat string cheese, fat-free yogurt improves lack of focus or concentration. The protein boots dopamine and norepinephrine, neurotransmitters that increase alertness and excitement.” (Need to go to Google and look up these words?)


One more on this page: “Wipe your cell phone down with antibacterial cleanser regularly: A new British study reports that mobiles carry more germs than a toilet seat!” “Yucky”….

(This reminded me of a report I heard many years ago, that to make sure you close the toilet seat as the water spray, when flushed can spray the little particles up to five feet in the air. So how close is your toothbrush to the toilet?)


Will stop here for today and say a big Thank You to the ‘Quick and Simple’ magazine company!!! Hopefully no harm done, just my little way of writing of your interesting tid-bits. Did enjoy the magazine.

All in all these articles are very informative.


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