Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knitting Dish Cloths

Just wanted to let everyone know that I do knit every now and then. I like to do something while I watch TV, as then I don't feel so guilty wasting time watching.  Although I do pay more attention to the knitting as I have lost stitches, so I mostly listen to the TV. 
My daughter wanted for one of her wedding gifts these little dish cloths. So I thought four would be a good start, as I am sure she will get some shower gifts of dish towels and dish cloths. But she and I like to wash the dishes and clean up with these types of cloths. They asborb the clean-ups  better. I use an all-cotton type yarn and love the feel of them.
Most of the instructions are easy and I have learned how to do a couple of stitches that I have never done.  I like doing these as they are a small project and I can keep focused. 
When I first learned how to knit I chose a most difficult pattern of a vest for my oldest who was then 8 years old. I did finish it and was very proud I learned something new. I think she only wore it once. 
Tonight is the bridal shower and I only have three done and working on the last. So there is a picture with the four colors and three done.
The blue one is just an extra I did for myself, but different pattern. As I have been knitting on these I put on some nice music and knitting away, very soothing! Different than watching or listening to TV.

!               (finished this one too!) 


Kim said...

Very nice. I especially like the blue one (but then that is probably mostly because of the color). I have crocheted dish cloths before but don't remember how to knit. I guess that I should try teaching myself again. Have fun at the bridal shower and I hope you get the last one finished.

scraps said...

Thanks Kim,
I also need to do some in crochet and hope they turn out. I need to practice up on crocheting.