Friday, April 17, 2009

Magazine Time/Silky Scrub

You know how it is, too many books and magazines! So a friend and I went through some of the oldies didn't look at them and just tossed them out! But on some I just couldn't.  Next I took these mags and tore out pages I wanted to save. Now I have quite a few pages of paper. 

What to do next????

Well, I thought I would write on my blog on what was interesting to me or what I would like to share about the pages I saved. Once on the blog, paper in the trash, slowly getting rid of my dust collecting pile of papers. Yeah!!    hopefully......?


My little opinion about chemicals. I try hard not to buy them, but sometimes I do and am always sorry, as it does make me sick to smell the chemicals or if they are in foods, I usually have a headache for a couple of days.

Here is an article in the 'Quick and Simple'  magazine that says, "Why You Shouldn't Scrub the Toilet". The chemical 1,4-dichlorobenze is an ingredient that has been shown to partially diminish lung function. WHAT? partially diminish lung function!!!  I need to breathe, so I would like to keep my lungs as long as possible, thank you very much. (they didn't mention that it also hurts brain cells.)

Well, in another magazine I went through (Natural Home Magazine) on the same day, has a recipe to help with cleaning the bathroom. Yeah!

Here is the recipe, which is something like I have used before and now will try this one.


 Silky Scrub (A baking soda/soap mixture is a gentle natural cleaner.)

1 cup baking soda

1/2 cup (approximately) castile liquid soap

5 to 10 drops antibacterial essential oil, such as lavender, tea tree oil or rosemary (optional)

1. Pour baking soda into a medium size mixing bowl.

2. Add soap a little at a time, stirring continuously. Stop adding after your mixture has begun to resemble frosting.

3. Mix drops of essential oil, if using.

4. Store in an airtight jar for up to a year.


"To clean a sink or bathtub: scoop the creamy mixture onto a sponge, scrub the surface and rinse.


Borax is a multipurpose natural cleaner and deodorizer. (I have used this for many things around the house, not only as I clean, but it is a good bug repeller.) Keep it handy by putting it in a jar with a shaker top.  (I usually keep it in the box and the box gets too wet, so I will give this a try and it makes sense.)


If you need to add a little power to your Silky Scrub, shake a little borax over the area you're cleaning. Allow to stand for five minutes, then continue scrubbing."  (Also written by 'Natural Home Magazine".)


I like these little articles, as in the past I have tried to clean with only 4 things: borax, bleach, soda and vinegar.

Vinegar to repel ants and gets rid of mold.

Bleach to mop with, especially the bathroom floors.

Borax for deodorizing and to repel other insects.

Soda for most anything.

***Never mix the 4 items together or use at the same time! Can mix soda with borax.***

Did use 'Silky Scrub' on the kitchen sink and not too bad, but needed to add the borax. 

             before  after


Two papers down, more to go!


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Kim said...

I've started using homemade laundry detergent and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is amazing how much money it saves too. I think it is always best to use homemade cleaners if at all possible (and if they dishwasher detergent didn't work).