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Junior Year 1967-1968, Part II

I need to get busy and finish up my high school years. With school starting again,it has once again got me in the mood to work on my memories of high school days. I have four grandchildren in school, one playing football this season, one who will be graduating from high school, one from middle school and one who is starting  school. So with this said, I need to finish up and get these memories past down, before I forget.  As I look at the yearbook, I could say something about every page. But that would take me forever and I just spent another 1/2 hour looking at all the pictures.
By this time in my life I had started my first paying job! Working at Bullock's Pasadena. I won't go into that here, as it is already on this blog post:

So, back to sports. I loved most of the sports. I went and watched basketball, track, wrestling and I think one tennis match. Basketball was fast and exciting. Track had a few friends on it and asked me to come watch them, same with the other sports. In wrestling this is where the x got kneed pretty bad and Coach Drake did give him some salve to cool the pain. Plus this is the year he got the mumps. Let's just say that during our marriage down the road, we were glad to have our two daughters. I enjoyed watching and learning about the different sports. Mostly from my brother and his friends, who were like brothers. And I was lucky enough to be Kent's little 'tag along' sister. Who sometimes, like our mother would just happen to show at the wrong time and not know that Kent was there too. Enough said about that.
On to the dances:
Christmas Dance, this is one dance I actually missed.
On to the Valentine Day Dance
This dress cost me, my hard earned working money, but it was a nice dress and saved my mom the stress of making another one. For those of you who remember the store Anita's, yep that's where I bought this dress.
Jim Shofner and me
Next up was the Junior-Senior Prom. Lots of fun there!
May 18, 1968 at El Rancho Verde Country Club in Rialto. Theme was 'A Knight in the Days of Old'. Wish we could of dress like the Renaissance Days. But of course, I enjoyed dressing up in my formal. Music was by The Educated Sound. (who were they?)  This dress I bought in Pasadena for $10, as there was a stain on it, and my mom talked the store people into taking it out. Dad said no way, was I wearing a strapless dress, so mom made my little straps from velvet ribbon and hand stitch the rhinestones on, with a matching headband to boot. So I got to go!
Wasn't it a pretty dress?

We had a photographer who came by the house this year and no one but my mother and I were home, so she had me put on the Valentine dress and take another picture. Only reason I am putting it on here, is that my hair was longer and I wish I was the size again.
Summer of 1968.
The clubs  and activities I was in:
Congress is in session! Me to the very left, you can tel it is me, because of hairband.

Back of me towards the right, with the hair curled up in a flip! We sure had fun at those meetings. Thanks Stephanie!

Yep, I actually was President of a club! Future Business Leaders of America!

I was also in Pep Club. I remember this was the year that we were working on posters for a up coming game, I'm thinking basketball and all of a sudden the wind came up and we had dark, dark clouds. (We didn't have many dark clouds when I grew up in Azusa.) Then a burst of rain, just came pouring down. This was about the time, we all left for the evening, and got soaked. I was so glad to get home and change into dry clothes. Anyone else remember this night? Phyillis Arrigo, now Rathburn, took me home this night.
Me with the braids and turn around. Sock hop dance.
Here's a picture for Janice, Debbie and the rest of the choir!
I was also in CASO, but we didn't have a picture of that. Gregg Mayfield enjoyed our group discussions!
A picture of Kent and Brian with the hypnotist guy. Remember that school assembly? The hypnotist had to come back and undo on kid, as he was walking around weird that day.

That's it for now!

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