Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Freshman Year Part II

Ok, I stopped at the Homecoming game and dance. On to Christmas time. Getting ready for the Christmas Dance was exciting, as it was my first formal. My mom made my dress. We saw a dress at Anita's Shop and my mother went home and made one,  very close to what we saw. Even the little flower was a good copy. I went with my good friend Mike. We saw each other during eight grade and I still have fond memories of him and his family. (I was sad to read of his obituary last month. He passed on: Aug 21, 2006). How sad to find his obituary and not know until years later that he died.
Mike and I did go with my brother and his date Kenny. We went to Mike's father steak house in Pasadena, then to the dance. What a fun evening we did have. Mike sure did look scared in those pictures.

It always seemed that Jim and I were not dating during my birthdays and Christmas. Although the day after Christmas we were back on. He did get me a big hot pink stuffed dog.

On to the Valentine's Dance: 
This dance I did go with Jim, yep we were back on. Mom made my dress too and Jim picked out the material. My mom, had a cow! As the material was $5 a yard, but Jim talked her into it. We even dyed and glittered my heels to match.

Again, we doubled with Robert and Janet, we went to Coffee Dans and had the same as last time. We did have a good evening and Jim bought me a gardenia flower wrist corsage. Do you like my  big hair-do?

As I finish up my freshman year, I thought I would put on some extra pictures:

Girls Glee
Me on the end of the front row to the left. My BFF, Debbie, also on the front row opposite end.  In girls choir we had to sing solos for our finals. I sang, "Climb Every Mountain". You can tell what big movie was out then! Come to find out I am not a singer, therefore, I got a 'B'. Also after that year in glee, my mom told me not to go back the following year. When I got in college and took a voice class, the teacher said I had a good voice, just needed to learn how to use it. Well, I never did, so I sing to myself and at church.

This is a picture in the yearbook, that started off our freshman class members and the leaders of the class.

My brother really made this year great for me, and told my mom to make sure that I had clothes that were in style.  When I get some more time I will add pictures of some of my favorite teachers and friends. So for now I shall end with a picture of Kent and I.

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Thanks for the great pics...I really enjoy seeing them...I hope you post more!!!