Monday, March 14, 2011

Something Different

I thought it might be fun to go through my old high school yearbooks and blog some fun things that I went to. I am doing this mostly for my children, to give them a part of me when I was a lot younger.  I will be posting pictures from my yearbooks and my personal scrapbook of those years. So here goes!
Here is the cover of my freshman year: 1965-1966. I think this was the best yearbook cover of the 4 years I went to AZUSA HIGH!

This is me as a freshman. I had a good year and was glad to belong to Pep Club, Girls Glee Choir and GAA (Girls Athletic Association).

This picture and the next are from inside cover. These two pictures are showing some of the groups or clubs one could be in at Azusa High.

The first pep rally we attended as Freshman was noisy.When that big drum came out wow! We had I think the best pep rally's They got everyone excited for the games! We had great football and basketball games that year.

The first homecoming game and dance. I wore my 8th grade graduation dress. Semi-formal and a short dress, in pink with white lace over the pink satin. It was the style in those years to wear your hair up and I had lots.

After school Janet surprised me by asking me to go the homemaking room and pick up a corsage that Jim bought me. I went to the game in a new yellow and orange flower outfit.  And then back home after the game to change into the dress for the dance. After the dance, Janet and her date Robert and Jim and I went to Coffee Dans for eats. I remember that I got a BLT and Robert got a steak, whatever leftovers we had, Robert was glad to eat.  There were many great times that the four of us went out on double dates.
Ok, will stop here for today.
Thanks for looking at my backward journey through my high school years!
I have taken out the last names of friends, so that it won't be published. Besides if you know me, you will know who my friends are.


janicepack222 said...

What wonderful memories!!!

garyjane said...

Gary and I had a chuckle over the comment about Robert eating the leftovers. Some things never change!