Monday, October 6, 2008

A book of Oats!

I have had this book for years and have tried and enjoyed some of the recipes in it. It does give good information on the oat grain.

There is quite a bit of talk of oats, as if it was a new grain. Of course, we all know that oats have been around for years and years, and that our mothers made us eat oatmeal for many a breakfasts. I have always liked oatmeal. My older brother and I would make our own quick oatmeal, by putting quick oats in a glass, stir in some hot tap water and eat our breakfast on the go. Never needed the new quick packets we have today. (Maybe save some money by eating that way, just a thought.) For my own children and grandchildren I do make oatmeal from rolled oats and add chopped apples with cinnamon or just add a bit of maple syrup for flavor. Ok, back to the book.

This book has some great recipes for cooking with different types of oats. Anywhere from the typical oatmeal to oat groats, etc. I love eating just plain oat groats, they are nice and crunchy. One of my favorite recipe is: Light Oat Waffles, page 164. It has great ideas for appetizers to main dishes. Try a different type of pie crust using oat bran or oat flour, vegetables with oat groats such as zucchini.

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