Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Family Names

I have been working and working on family names today. There are so many to correct. I usually have 3-4 web pages opened up to check for correct spelling, dates and the census records. Once you get into the 1800 and back if is very confusing on what records to rely on.

I worked on 11 names and have been working for about 6 hours, just verifing what I have. I hope someday to fine more distant relatives and share information.

Here are some of my family's last names: Utterback, McKenzie, Armstrong, Dilbeck, Riggs. But their spouses names that I did work on today are: Jesse Elax Casey, Nancy Clowers, Margaret Eveline HolcombCoomer, Juanita Davis, Mary Davenport, Blanche Elizabeth Duncan,Elce Fridder, Eliza Selina Goss, Margaret Hamilton, Alice Udorah Brinks Brown, Hannah Burgess, and a baby Armstrong.

If you have any of those last names, maybe, just maybe we are related.
As I mentioned before it is enjoyabe to do, but very time consuming.
Here is a picture of my grandfather, Harry Armstrong, taken about 1971.

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