Saturday, October 11, 2008

Martha Stewart Books

Thought today I would do my review of Martha Stewart books that I have.
First I will say that yes, I do watch the Martha show, I like it and I am always learning new things. Like using cold, cubed butter instead of soft butter in cakes and cookies, it works! I like her little food magazine too, the books are too cute and have quick ideas for meals. I also have checked out some of her other books from the library; it’s a “good thing” to do, when you can’t afford to buy them.
I mostly want to talk about the wedding cake book, as I think that is one of the best books out there for many different type of cakes and frostings. I enjoy the different ways people have put together new types of wedding cakes and can use them for other occasions. It inspired me to take a cake class on fondant which gave me more techniques.
In the ‘Baking Handbook’ on page 210, I made a cake for my daughters’ friend wedding. (To which I can't seem to get the picture off the disk, so will add it sometime later, sorry.) Since then I have made a couple more wedding cakes and used some ideas from the ‘Wedding Cake’ book.
When my family or other friends have come over they too love the ideas in the ‘Wedding Book’.
I like the ideas on the different types of cakes and frostings with pictures. The book goes into great detail with pictures on how to make the perfect wedding cake for the wedding couple. It also goes into some detail on how to work with chocolate.
What a great book!
Here are a few pictures of the cakes I have done, two of them are practice cakes.
Not perfect by any means, but they sure tasted great and the bride and grooms love them.
Go to Martha’s blog or web page and get great ideas on most anything!

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