Friday, October 17, 2008

Oldies but Goodies!

To the ‘cousin-n-laws’, that I like to think of as my cousins.
I went to the web site and decided that since I lived during that time period I would just put on some of my pictures. Let me know what you think.
Fun times!

The first is when I started Kindergarten. My brother and I went to this private school for about a month, then our parents switch us over to public school as it was a block away versus about 5 miles or so.
The second picture is just a close up of the Kindergarten.
The third is a picture in my grandmothers’ back yard when I was in 7th grade around 1963 or 1964.
The last is my senior picture. Of course the picture was taken in 1968, but I graduated in 1969.
What hair-dos.
Thanks for my memories, this was a fun little project to do.

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