Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day Dreaming of.....

Days of Yesteryear?

Always wondered if I would say that. I can remember as a child and thinking that my grandparents were wonderful and of course older than I. They would talk of their growing up days and the younger years. Some stories I loved listening to and others, I wish I would have paid more attention to.
Holidays were always fun and exciting to think about just before Thanksgiving. We used to have the week before Christmas off and get to dream of what we wanted and to be able to make or buy some little thing for our family members. Today we just buy, buy, buy and not really think about why we are buying. The children say, I want this or that and usually somehow they get it. My dad and mom usually would make something for us and then buy a toy to go along with what they made. We accepted it and if we got what we dreamed of that was a bonus! We usually had a tradition of where we went to a relatives home the Sunday before Christmas and have a big feast and give and received gifts, (we always had to wait and open them on Christmas). The feast and visiting were always great fun! Our families are so scattered that we don’t do that anymore. I usually have Thanksgiving and Christmas here with the seven of us. I didn’t realize that this has become a family tradition, so to me to switch things around has been interesting. I like change in most things, so I was excited to see if I could get it done. Looks as if not this time, back to the same old thing. We’ll see what happens come Christmas. I suppose when you live in a house a long time, things just do fall apart and sometimes don’t get fixed. I can remember thinking when I visited other houses and it needed work, I thought to myself, how can they live like that? No knowing maybe they just couldn’t fix it for whatever reason. And not helping them fix it up, how selfish of me. Now I look at where we live and I am sure people think the same of me. No wonder I don’t have many visitors anyone! If I had the money and get-up-and-go like I use to, I would love to fix up my house! I know in my head what I want done, just the body won’t get going like it use too.
After all my years, I have finally decided what I do best at, and that is to bake. Breads and cookies and other goodies. No so good at pretty pies, I can bake good pies, just not decorative type. So I would love to have a huge kitchen just to bake. I know I couldn’t bake big batches; otherwise I would be in a bakery. But just to bake for family and neighbors is fun.
I have enjoyed looking at all kinds of blog sites on breads and other different foods. It is so cool that many people have written their recipes and pictures. You all are doing such great work!
Guess I will get off my soap box now and get busy…..thanks for letting me talk it out.
I do hope all of you will have a great holiday season!

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