Friday, November 14, 2008

Making of Vanilla - Part 1

I start by buying the best beans I can afford. I have found an internet site, that I buy them from. I've tried a couple sites and like this one the best. (spice fever is the person from ebay)

I then cut up the about 12-18 beans and put into a pot with 1 cup distilled water. I heat until boiling and then them boil for about 1 minutes to get the seeds out and the color started.

I put this into a sterilzed 1 quart jar, with the lid. Shake it everyday, a couple of times a day.

To this I add 16 ounce container of Vegetable Glycerine. I let this set for 2-4 weeks, depending on the color and fragrance I want.

This is the back of the Vegetable Glycerine bottle so that you can see it is a food grade product.

To be continued........

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