Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Trees

Here is what I see everyday, looking outside my kitchen window. I love these trees and enjoy watching each season. I especially love when spring starts to bloom. Their are many different shades of green. Now of course, they are yellow, orange and brown and are losing their leaves fast as we have had 3 days of good winds. The lawns in the neighborhood are filling up fast with them. The children are having fun raking them up and hiding and playing in the leaves.

I call myself the neighbor grandma, as I enjoy watching how the children play and make sure they are safe. I am the type of grandma who does the baking of cookies, cupcakes, breads. The children know when I am baking and make sure they are close by. One of my neighbors also is a grandma, so we visit and love to watch the little ones. She has a grandson who is a little over two and he is so cute. We also take care of all the neighbor dogs when they are out and luckily for us they are all friendly. It really is a nice neighborhood. I am glad that some of my grandchildren live close enough to visit anytime.

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