Friday, April 1, 2011

BBD #38 No-Knead Festival

 Hi to all my friends from Bread Baking Day (BBD) #38!!  It's been way too long since I have entered a recipe for this wonderful group of bakers.
Wow, up to 38!  I would like to share with you this recipe that comes from friends who are a family of 10. Now this family has more family members,  as the children are grown up and have families of their own.
Cindystar is hosting the #38 No-Knead Festival this month! Thank you for hosting. BBD comes from Zorra, she is the founder of Bread Baking Day. This is a great group to have fun baking different kinds of breads. I do make breads every month, just forget to enter.

This bread you make with your heavy duty mixer or in my case a Baby Bosch. This is why I half the recipe as my mixer cannot hold all of the ingredients. It works just fine for two loaves. I usually keep a loaf and give one away. It makes a light wheat loaf and the taste is good. I do try and make sure we eat it in one day as, it does seem to crumble the next day.
The family from where this recipe comes from has 8 children and the girls have all made this and sold it for the extra money growing up. I am sure the families in their neighborhood have missed them as they moved. The bread is named after daughter #3.

Bonnie’s Bread
5 cups steaming hot water (this is water is that hot from the tap, not boiling water, as you would kill the yeast)
1 tablespoon salt
2 ½ tablespoons yeast
½ cup honey
1/8 cup lecithin, liquid (from health food store)
3/8 cup vegetable oil
Pinch of Vitamin C crystals (also from health food store)
15 cups fresh ground whole wheat flour or white flour (I use half and half)

In a glass measuring cup with marking, add lecithin, oil, and honey. Put into mixer with the hot water, add 7 cups four, salt, and Vitamin C. Mix for 1 minute. Add yeast and 2 cups more flour and mix for another 5 minutes. Add 2 cups more flour and mix for another 5 minutes. Continue adding flour and mixing until dough pulls away from edges of bowl (about 15 cups). Pour dough out onto oiled surface. Divide into 4 equal parts. Roll out, flip over, and roll up like a jelly roll. Handle dough as little as possible. Put into greased and floured bread pans. Let rise for 45 minutes. Bake at 350˚F for 25 minutes. Take out of pans and let cool. Makes 4 loaves. (This dough also makes good pizza dough, cinnamon rolls or  cinnamon bread and dinner rolls.)

What I do:
2 ½ cups warm water (like bath water)
1 teaspoon salt (I am not a salt person, so I don’t use as much)
1 ¼ tablespoons yeast
¼ cup honey
¼ cup lecithin
2 ½ tablespoons oil
Pinch of Vit. C crystals
7 ½ cups flour

Grinding the wheat!

 I pretty much do as the instructions say, I don’t do as many minutes, as my mixer can’t take it. But it stills doesn’t need any extra hand kneading. So this is why I have entered this bread for my no-knead bread. It is a good no-knead bread, good texture and good flavor. Hope you like it!

Rising nicely!

               Out of the oven, don't they  look yummy!



Mary Ann & Mother said...

No kneading and they still rise up so nicely - what a great recipe! Thank you!

Cindystar said...

Nice breads, Glenda, I can stand that big family, I have 6 boys but not even a girl, so i have to bake on my own with no help :-(, but they are good in other things, normal cooking and gardening, for example!
It's not a proper no-knead bread, but it's welcome to my BBD#38 anyway, your great work is much apopreciated and so will be from other bloggers, nice and kind to share new recipes.
thanks for participating, recap will be on line in a few hours but will email you then.
have a nice week!