Saturday, April 9, 2011

Good Old Chocolate Chips Cookies

Right out of the oven!!

Another chocolate chip cookie recipe, you say??? Yep, I still make different recipes on search for the perfect one. Well this is about it and who would of thought it is the original of Ruth Wakefield. There are many google  searches for her and her famous Toll House cookies recipe. But this caught my eye, because you soak the baking soda in hot water. I have make chocolate chips cookies with soda and water, but never have soaked the two together. I don't know if this made a difference or not, but the cookies were much better tasting and right out of the oven delicious!!! It is interesting to see how a cookies survives the next day. Meaning if it is still soft or not. Do you have the same problem? Out of the oven, they are soft and chewy and the next day they are super hard and crunchy! Sometimes if they are in plastic baggies, they stay soft, sometimes not. How does one keep them soft and fresh out of the oven taste???
Anyway here is the different blog pages where I got the recipe from and gave them a try:
 I REALLY enjoyed this recipe! A must try if you are into baking chocolate chip cookies!!

Original Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies by Ruth Wakefield

Cream together the following:
1 cup butter, softened
3/4 cup brown sugar (I use dark)
3/4 cup white sugar

I always cream the butter and sugars first.

2 eggs, beaten whole
1 teaspoon vanilla
Mix together and set aside:
1 teaspoon soda
1 teaspoon water

Water and soda

Sift together:
2 1/4 cups flour (I used unbleached)
1 teaspoon salt
Mix these alternately into the cream mixture. Lastly stir in the 1 cup chopped nuts (I used pecans) and 2 Nestle's Semi-Sweet Economy Bars. (I used 1 cup Nestle's mini-chocolate chips, for me this was easier than buying the bars online.)

Stirring in the chips and nuts.

If you do use the Economy Bars - Cut chocolate in pea size. Cream butter and add sugars and beaten eggs. Dissolove soda in the hot water and mix alternately with the flour sifted with the salt. Lastly add the nuts and pieces of chocolate. Flavor with the vanilla. Bake 10 to 12 minutes at 375 degrees F. Make 100 cookies. (I only got a over 3 1/2 dozen cookies, they must make them super small.)
It doesn't matter if you want just a couple,

or a lot to eat, they sure were good!

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Kim said...

i've never made those my mixing soda with hot water...interesting...i think i'll try it :)

Jamie said...

Love this recipe! I am actually testing different versions and adapations. I do know that if they get hard just warm them gently in the oven for a couple of minutes and they should come out as if fresh baked. Or what I usually do is keep the raw dough in the fridge (it lasts several days) then just bake a batch at a time as needed. Fast, easy, fresh!

GStaples said...

Good ideas, thanks, Jamie!

Ladybird Ln said...

Great ideas, delicious cookies, I don't think you could ever have too many chocolate chip cookie recipes! Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!


Mary Ann & Mother said...

My son's hand's down favorite!

Kim said...

You can also put a slice (or half slice) of bread into your ziploc bag and that will help soften them. It does make the bread dry out though.

GStaples said...

Thanks for the ideas and nice comments.

Autumn@Good Eats Girl said...

There is nothing better than chocolate chip cookies!