Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sophomore Year 1966-1967 Part I

 The cover on the yearbook.
Where to start??? Here is a blurry picture of me starting off my sophomore year, 1966.

I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy all four years at Azusa, 10th grade no exception, had more friends and did a bit more. Here are some friends starting off with football. I went to all the games, mostly with friends and my parents. In my freshman year, I mostly went with my father, as my brother played on a team, and my girlfriends would ask, "Who is that man you're with?" I had to let them know that was my father. They would then said, "WOW!, he is good looking." I will have to go through some of my other pictures and see if I can find one of dad, during that time and you can judge for yourselves. So here are a couple of pictures of football:

 The first I put up because of the autograph.The guy who wrote that autograph was a guy who work at the local grocery store. I think every girl flirted with him. He went to a different high school, but was a lot of fun to talk too, so I just had to have him sign my yearbook. Wonder what has happened to him?? The next picture is from one of our pep rally's with Steve (from my class) coming through papered hoop. Janet O, do you see yourself? Again another good year for pep rallies!
 Next is a picture of the homecoming court, as the queen is receiving her crown!  It was cool for the previous year's queen to come back and pass the crown on. They were all nice girls, anyone of them could have won, but I did like Sharon.

Guess we will do the dances first. 

Here is the pictures from our Christmas Dance:
These are the pictures taken at home. Mom always took a picture of Kent and I. Yep, she made this dress too!

This picture made the yearbook. Here Janet and Robert are visiting me and my date Bob. Yes, I did date more than one guy in my four years! I went out with Bob a couple of times before this dance. My mother and his mom work at GTE during the time and I was a blind date that they (our moms) set up. Can you believe that one? Well, they did. We started liking each other, but after Bob would drop me off from a date, then I would go out with Jim. I was even engaged to Bob for a week, and we both knew that it wouldn't work out. I was way too young then. I think I only said yes at the time he asked because he was in the Air Force and older than I. And I really liked his family. But by New Year's I was back with Jim, as you can see:

What is funny, is the outfit I am wearing is one, Bob bought me for Christmas. Hey, pretty good, I was a lot thinner then! Dating two guys at once was a challenge.

On to the Valentine's Dance: This time I went with Kenny C. Also group dated with my friends Debbie, Jim M., and Lynn and Jim F. (Debbie and Lynn are sisters.) The picture of my brother and his date, were the next year. I goofed and put them on this page and I decided not to change it. Sorry, Kent. (But the colors went well with the page.)

 My mom made this dress too! And I felt embarrassed in it, as it wasn't modest for enough for me. I enjoy our group date after the dance, good food at a local restaurant!
Lynn was the freshman princess that year. That was even more exciting for me! So I put this picture in for her.
The next pictures are of my first prom! Since Jim was a junior and asked me to go, even though I was a sophomore, I went!! This I think was my favorite dress, of the dresses my mother made. It was a cold night and the pictures were taken outside. This prom was out in Ontario area and Jim had a car and was able to drive.
Quoting from the yearbook: "Flaming torches illuminated the pathway leading to the entrance of the Royal Tahitian in Ontario. This was the site of the junior-senior prom held May 20. The class of '68, sponsoring this event, harnessed the captivation charm of the Polynesian atmosphere in their theme "This Side of Paradise." I know I had a good time!

Here is a good picture of my friends Robert and Janet. The black and white on top I bought from the photographer as my brother Kent and his date are in it.
This is where I will stop for now and hopefully get some time tomorrow to continue.


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What fun! Nice to have you share this with everyone!! Great pictures!! :)

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I love your dresses, your hair and the 'freshman princess'! Thank you so much for sharing - nice scrapbooking!

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