Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A New Find!!!

Yesterday after our nice visit with at the Museum of World Treasures, my daughter took me to lunch and...  across the street is a 1/2 price book store. We stopped in there to see if we could find this book that my grandson wants for his birthday, it wasn't there, but we didn't come out empty handed! I was looking through the cookbook section and didn't find, 'Confection of a (Closet) Master Baker' but came out with a cookbook, that my daughter bought me! What a fun afternoon we had.
The book is called, 'Out of Vermont Kitchens'. I have never lived in Vermont or even visited, but had seen pictures from there and it looks like a fun place to visit or live. I enjoyed looking at every page and was thinking of how it was then, slower pace and most moms stayed at home and cooked for their families.

This book was written in 1939 and I have the 20th printing 1949. Everything is photocopied and was handwritten by the people, mostly women themselves of their recipes, pretty cool!

Wonder who Edith Symns was? And how this book got to Kansas?
To me I can curl up with a cookbook and read it as a story book, makes me happy and puts me in a good mood. What history this tells during that time period! Can't wait to try some of the recipes! I think I will try and go to more garage and estate sales this year to see what other home-made or church or state cookbooks are out there! Is there a cookbook from all the 50 States or if you are reading this and in another country, what older cookbooks might you have?????

Here is the last page of the book.
Can you see where it says: The End? How cute!
Sorry, Gesine, but I keep trying to find your book at a bargain. But hey! At least it is a book from Vermont, and found here in the mid-west!!! What a deal!

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