Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sophomore Year 1966-1967 Part II

Here I am in different groups or clubs. Do you see yourself in some of them? FBLA was my favorite, as I really enjoyed learning about business classes, I also enjoyed Pep Club. Mostly this is where I made so many good friends!

I actually got an award from GAA this year. It the good-benchmanship award! OK, you can laugh now.

I do have a story of my sweatshirt from Girls League. Does anyone else remember the golden sweatshirts? Anyway that year in summer school, Mona U and I took auto mechanics class and we were the only two girls. So we got stuck doing a lot of cleaning of the car parts. I spilled some cleaner fluid on my sweat shirt and never did get it off. I still wore that sweatshirt for years after I graduated, stained spot and all. It was the only item of clothing that had my name on it!

Yep, I was a Candy Striper!

I didn't make it in this picture, but do know most of those who are. Remember you make friends for life in your high school years.

 The next two pictures are of the different clubs we had on campus.

Most of these clubs met at lunch time, it was a busy, crazy, quick lunch!
Even though I wasn't in choir, I did enjoy their concerts and decided to put it in for those who were in it. Enjoy!
Also thought it would be fun to add this picture of a part of Foothill Shopping Center:
Next we will start on my junior year or 11th grade! Give me a few days, because it will take me awhile to think of what pictures I want to use. Also thanks for sharing my memories!


janicepack222 said...

Thanks for the memories!!!

Mary Ann & Mother said...

I love your walks down memory lane - and that car! Wonderful!!