Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 19 - Happy Birthday Kent!

The frosty mug!

You won’t believe what I just did………… lost a whole page of what I wrote about today’s story. I deleted it by mistake. I thought I was closing off another page and so I didn’t save it. I’m sad. Will try and remember what I just spent over an hour on writing a story to my brother for his birthday.

Today is my brother’s birthday!! Happy birthday, Kent!!!!
This story will be much shorter than what I just wrote, but here goes.
Our family had a family job once upon a time. We had a paper route that was called a throw-away route, store ads and such. Basically we would receive 1000 newspapers every Thursday or Friday night, tri-fold them, wrap a rubber band around them and then go and deliver them. This was a summer job, if I remember correctly. We started around mid-night and would finish around 5 a.m. We had a few of our friends help us out and then my mother usually would make us a meal of hamburgers, home-made fries and fresh bananas shakes. Sometimes we would go to the local A&W Root Beer Drive-In and order mugs of root beer
Root Beer in a frosted mug!

or root beer freeze, my favorite!
Tony, Brain do you remember those nights???? I think we even had David and Jeff once.  Good times, good food. We would fill our old1962 or 1963 Ford Falcon (ours was a creamy white)

 with about 500 newspapers and go out to deliver them, come back again refill and be on our way for one more trip! I do remember the smell of our living room or garage with all those newspapers and rubber bands. Dad stayed at home with our younger brother and sister.
When we lived in Santa Fe Springs, and after church on some Sundays, dad would stop at Foster Freeze and buy us a root beer freeze. Loved those things, but not the brain freeze I would get sometimes. Also visiting at our grandparents, grandpa would take us to their Foster Freeze and let us order what we wanted. Again, I would order the root beer freeze!
The Freeze!
So for Kent today, in honor of your birthday, I will be making root beer freeze!!!
I which I was visiting so that I could share this with you.

Also this day, Kent, you share this birthday with Mr. Hires, of Hires root beer. He has a interesting story, that I found through a friends’ blog site, hope you enjoy reading about him! A little nostalgia for you and those reading this post.
She also has a picture of Elise the cow,  with a recipe for vanilla ice cream.
The float!
So here’s to you, dear brother………..HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love you.

Can't really tell you the recipe for root beer freeze. All I do is: put in about couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream to about 6 ounces of root beer and blend in the blender, that its! Put it to the consistency you like, I like my thick. More ice cream than root beer. So it doesn't matter, if you enjoy just the root beer or float or freeze, in a frosted mug is much better!

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